Kila (mistressoflight) wrote in sm_superstars,

Need Sailor Senshi.

There has been peace and silence for a few years since the starlights left to go home and Sailor Galaxia was defeated.

Unexplainable deaths and people who have their blood almost drained from their bodies, which have been occurring around the city of Tokyo lately. No one can sense anything, and no one knows what is going on.
The darkness, which has arrived, is new, foreign to the Sailor Senshi that they have no idea what’s coming towards them.

The blood-sucking creatures from the underworld have risen through the shadows and the cracks of the system to form and create its self.

In the search for key pieces that is spread throughout the unknown parts of Tokyo, pieces that no one knew really existed has come into play.

New senshi show them selves and a new power is born as those senshi bless the planetary senshi. Luna and Artemis will be set free which will give them the ability to enter in and out of their human and cat forms.

Sailor Senshi, you must also come to learn that some elements can destroy these creatures without any problems; however, the consequence can be so fatal that the one you destroy will never live again. Choose wisely and bear in mind that those who have no souls will not live to see another day of life but only death and torture.

Latest News Report: Well there was a brutal murder last night in the city which has everyone sort of spooked. A body torn to parts by unknown means was found late this morning on the corner of 10 street. The police have no idea who or what happened or why this occurred. They are still investigating. They still have no leads. The body which they have found, was torn apart. They do not know the time of the death or what might have happened. They do know that they are not taking this lightly. More information will be issued as the investigation continues. If you have any information please contact the local police department. The man that they found was identified as Dr. Fugiro.

Also there was a huge fire, which broke out in the Blood Donation Clinic this afternoon. It appears that a car backed into the building that exploded on impact. There was one nurse found dead on the scene, twenty feet from the blazing building. Police and fire fighters reported right away. It took the fire fighters one and a half hours to get the fire under control. The name of the nurse has yet to be released. Police are expecting this to be an arson attack. They also found tracks leading up the hill towards the Hikawa Shrine. Police are going to investigating. If there is any information please contact the police department.

Join the RPG where the Sailor Senshi reach new levels and new heights, can they remain as a team or will they be torn apart? Can they reach their new powers or will they watch each other slowly become mindless keepers of the dead.

In order to join, please follow the instructions on the info page on how to get the part.
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