Kila (mistressoflight) wrote in sm_superstars,

Mako watched everyone else. She had a lot on her mind and everything was happening to fast. When no one was paying attention and doing their own thing she slipped out and went off on her own.

She stopped on the bridge and looked out over the edge. She gazed up at the sky. She had a lot to take in with everything that was going on. She thought back before she was a senshi and now that she was. She knew that this was going to be something new all on its own. She started to wonder about the things that were going to happen.

She looked at her henshin stick. 'Jupiter...' she thought. A smile grew over her lips as she looked up to the sky. She would work harder and train. She knew that she was good but it wasn't enough. She put the henshin stick in her pocket and turned to run across the bridge. She knew that there was no better timing to train than the present.

'Wouldn't hurt to do some personal training.' she thought.

OOC: I kinda forgot about Mako throughout everything, and I don't really know much that has happened to her... or anything so I do hope that this works and is okay. ^_^;;
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