Kila (mistressoflight) wrote in sm_superstars,

Esmerodo watched as her attack made its way on Sailor Pluto. She used her fan to close the portal when she was hit from behind by Sailor Plutos attack. She hit the ground hard and skided a little way. She pushed herself to her feet. She looked back at Sailor Pluto. She covered part of her face and laughed. She wasn't going to let anything else be seen but the hatred and anger in her eyes. "This isn't over yet." she said pausing for a moment. "I have something to deliver." she said.

With that she vanished.

She appeared in her quarters. She seen ChibiMoon. "You don't stand a chance." she said as she walked over and sat down. Crossing her legs and holding her fan over her face she laughed again, not caring if it echoed.
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