Stephanie (tokisenshipluto) wrote in sm_superstars,

Pluto's heart broke as she saw the evil one throw Small Lady into the dark portal. She made a step toward the portal and screamed, "SMALL LADY!!" However, the woman was quick and sent an attack at Pluto. Pluto attempted to twirl her staff do deflect the attack as she jumped, but the attack was too close and too fast, while Pluto had been distracted by Small Lady. She flew backwards and felt the attack surge through her body. She didn't cry out in pain, but instead she ignored it. She flipped onto her feet, ran at the woman, glaring at her with anger, and jumped high into the air. She landed behind her and whispered, "Dead Scream," barely loud enough to be heard by the evil lady before her. She whipped her time staff around and let the attack go flying, hitting the woman from behind in a dead-straight attack.
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