Stephanie (tokisenshipluto) wrote in sm_superstars,

Setsuna had been searching all around the park for Small Lady but she had seen no sign of her. She held Hotaru's hand while they walked around, her head turning about furiously. 'I'm really worried about Small Lady. This isn't like her to just disappear.' Setsuna thought to herself. She rounded yet another corner and her eyes buldged out in horror. "Small Lady" She whispered.

She pulled Hotaru back around the corner quickly and held her close. "Hotaru, Small Lady is in trouble. We need senshi power. Contact the others back at home through your communictor and tell them to get to the park as fast as possible! Once you've done that, come join me as Sailor Saturn." Setsuna said quietly to her daughter. She kissed her forehead and looked into her eyes, "Be sure to stay safe! I couldn't bare if something happened to you as well."

She pulled away from Hotaru and called out, "Pluto Planet Power, Make Up!" She gracefully turned into Sailor Pluto. She winked at Hotaru and ran around the corner, time staff in hand. She ran straight toward the evil woman holding Sailor Chibi Moon to her. She thrust her time staff down and when it hit the ground, she jumped up, spined around her time staff and kicked the evil lady in the face. She landed gracefully and took her battle stance, prepared to fight.
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