September 23rd, 2004

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" thats it" Chibi Chibi yelled " bring me to Usagi i mean Momma NOW, i want to be with her" Chibi Chibi screamed " i think it is time to tell her about us" she said in a calm voice.


Chibi Usa walk slowly into the throne room she was shaking " Please i just want to go home" she said out loud.
Pluto Transform

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Setsuna jumped at Chibi Chibi's firece screams and then stared at the little girl who then continued in a calm voice. 'Moody,' she thought, 'Just like her mother.' She looked at the little girl in her eyes and then said, "I'll call Usagi on her communicator now, ok? I'll have all the senshi here and we can tell them about everything, ok?" Setsuna winked at the girl and opened up her communicator. She sent out a group message saying "Everyone, this is Setsuna. Very important matters need to be discussed, so please come to my house immediatly."