September 17th, 2004

Pluto Transform

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Setsuna looked down at Hotaru and said, "Hotaru, you can definatly train with Chibi Chibi, Diana and me. We all need to get back into shape and prepare for this new enemy that has taken our dear Small Lady."

Setsuna held Hotaru's hand the rest of the way home. She opened the door and looked at Chibi Chibi and Diana watching the movie and eatting popcorn while drinking juice. She went over to them and turned off the movie. "Kids, please come with me in the kitchen where Michiru and Haruka are. We have to have a talk."

Setsuna led the three kids into the kitchen and then looked at Michiru and Haruka. Once everyone was in the kitchen she looked to the five infront of her and began, getting straight to the point. "Trouble is brewing. There is a new evil here and Small Lady has been taken. I saw this lady in the parc who had her and I tranformed. I battled her but she threw Small Lady into a portal and soon left me standing there alone." Setsuna said in a monotonus voice as she recalled the battle and the sad moment when Small Lady was lost in the dark portal.
She looked at all the faces and continued. "We need to start training. Time can not be wasted. When this discussion is over, I'm taking the kids to the backyard and we will start." Setsuna declared for them all, as she took charge of the situation.

She then addressed Haruka and Michiru. "Haruka, Michiru, we need to tell the others of what has happened. Either one of you needs to tell them, or we need to call them all here. In the mean time, I can start training with the kids. At least one of you needs to be here with me to help. What do you propose we do?"