September 15th, 2004

Pluto Transform

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Pluto glared harshly at the woman. She charged for her as she said she had something to deliver. However, the woman vanished. Pluto was enraged and deeply saddened. "Small Lady...." she mummbled. She detransformed and walked over to Hotaru. "Too late my love...Chibiusa is gone. It's time to get home." She took Hotaru's hand and walked home. 'Forget the movie, time to train.' Setsuna thought to herself. She was not going to waste anymore time as the enemy had made a direct hit.


OOC: Hey guys, I have time to post again, however... I'm kind of left in the dust u_____u And really confused. Can someone please tell me what's been going on so far?

Sorry to be a pest!

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