September 11th, 2004

my rpgs feel free to join

Queen Serenity -Open

Prince Endymion-Open

Sailor Jupiter-Open

Sailor Venus- Open

Sailor Neptune-Open

Sailor Uranus-Open

Sailor Pluto-Open

Seiya- open

Taiki - open


Princess Kakyuu - open

Luna - Open

Artemis - Open

Queen Beryl-Open

The rpg is during the silver millinium it's gonna be a what if beryl was defeated by the senshi before she could destory the moon.
Princess serenity and Prince endymion have just started dating. all the senshi are involved inners and outers so i hope to get new people to join!
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Rei felt so wierd as she felt his lips. Soon she was ignoring the feeling as she kissed back. "I shouldn't of doubted you," she whispered after unlocking from the kiss.

"I love you too. Never leave me no matter what. But I do have one question, where do you play in this whole scheme of things. I know that I protect the earth and all but who are you exactly? You weren't dressed like us, so you aren't a senshi like us," she said smiling trying to imagine Mamoru in a similar outfit.