September 10th, 2004



Seiya smiled, he wanted to spend this time with Usagi with no interruptions.

"How about we go to this Italian Restaurant I heard about? They have terrific food! I heard its one of those five star restaurants." Seiya said happily.

He leaned closer to her and surprised her with a soft kiss on her lips. There was no reason for this action, he just felt so happy to be with her.

"Sorry about that beloved." Seiya said, blushing by his stunt.
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Esmerodo opened her fan and covered part of her face as she started to laugh. "The rabbit is a senshi." she said. "Do you honestly think that you have the power to defeat me?" she questioned. "Rabbit, I am among the executives of the Dark Moon family, Esmerodo." she said as she used her other hand to brush some hair over her shoulder.
"Its time you come with me." she stated, trying to be nice about the ordeal.