September 8th, 2004

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Chibi usa felt that someone was watching her, she looked up and saw a someone reaching out to grab her. she jumped up and ran as fast as she could she then remember that she was a senshi. " MOON CRYSTAL POWER MAKE UP" she screamed then she stood there and waited for that person to come back.


Chibi Chibi laid down on the couch " i'm bored can we start the movie Chibiusa can caught up she has seen all of these before" Chibi Chibi ask
Pluto Transform

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Setsuna looked at Chibi Chibi and smiled. "Yes sweetheart, we can watch the movie." She popped in the movie and let the kids watch it.

She soon looked at her watch and saw that it had been 15 minutes. She went to the window and looked outside. No sign of Small Lady.
'She has five mintues,' she thought to herself, 'then I start to get worried! And if she's not back in ten, I'm going after her.'

Setsuna tapped her foot impatiently. She new Small Lady was old enough to take a 20 minute walk, but something was pulling at Setsuna's consiousness. She soon looked at her watch again, it had been 25 minutes.

She called to Michiru and Haruka, "I'm going after Small Lady, she's still not back from her walk! If I'm not back in 20 minutes, take the kids and come look for her with me!"

With that said, Setsuna grabbed her coat and walked outside. She headed for the park.