September 6th, 2004

Wings - happy_phantom1

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Esmeraude blinked a few times in shock. "... Sai... lor... Moon...??" she questioned. "You... want me... to ... kidnap... Sailor Moon...??" she asked in shock and almost disgust. "What about... the Rabbbit?" she questioned as she started to grip her fan tightly.

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Demando arched an eyebrow, thinking over her question for a moment, absently swirling the liquor in his glass. "Hmm, yes, good point. Bring them both to me, or just the Rabbit. I'm sure Sailor Moon would chase after her and then I'll have her right where I want her." He smirked, chuckling under his breath as he raised his glass in a half toast to Esmeraude.

"Good thinking. What woud I do without you?" He muttered as he rasied the glass to his lips and took a sip of his drink. "Probably be lost and have to listen to my brother." He sighed.

"Anyway, yes, get whichever you can and if you get Sailor Moon, I want her unharmed."