September 3rd, 2004


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I am here for about two seconds to let you know that it may be a bit before I'm able to post.

I'm really sick right now and need to focus on getting better. Plus there is yet another hurricane heading this way. It's definitely gonna hit this time, it's as big as teh state. So we're probably gonna be powerless for a while and... o_____o I don't know when I'm going to have the time to write a post.

I don't want to leave, but I thought I'd give you a reason for my absence.

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"Now Michi, please consider the possibilty or fighting with her. I think we have made our cold entrace but I am really starting to see her as the princess. She fits the description, though I will admit she isn't graceful but maybe that was just a side effect from losing her memory. She has all the clues and all the people, she just is, I just don't want to search anymore and feel like I'm trying to search for the wind. The princess we knew is gone. She was a memory of a dark time. This princess is the prelude to a new time."

Michiru listened to this remarkable speech silently.
"I agree" She said quietly " we have to take what we've got. We have to stop searching. Our princess no longer excists" She bit her lip to stop herself from breaking down into tears, she rushed into Haruka's arms, and buried her head in Haruka's chest. "I was so hopeful" She said in a choked voice "I thought we could get her back, I thought it would be like old times"
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OOC: Hey. Applesider19 let me be Pluto so this is my first post. I hope I'm caught up well enough that this post doesn't der-range any body too badly.

Setsuna came into the kitchen to make some popcorn and juice for the kids while they picked out a movie to watch. She saw Michiru fly into Haruka's arms and listend to her words carefully. When Michiru was finished, Pluto said in a light, comforting tone, "Now Michiru, the past is gone and things have changed. The future is always a time for growth, which is a good thing. We must cherish the past and never let go of the memories but they can not hold us back. The mot important time is the present, and right now we have found our Princess." She said as she steped forward to her friend, putting a comforting hand on her back. "My dear friend, our Princess will always be our Princess, no matter what. Don't give up hope so quickly, just because her reborn self isn't what she used to be. Reflect on what has happened. She just found out she is a Sailor Senshi and she has yet to find out she has two children. She has to under go lots of training and practice as a Senshi, then as a Princess, and then as a mother. She is young and is up against a lot. You can't expect her to be perfect like our old Princess." She smiled at her friend with bright eyes. "I don't doubt that as she grows she will form into the Princess we once knew, but you can not expect her to be the same. It is a different time and a different place, and of course our Princess has changed. Give her your trust, loyalty, love, and most importantly, hope. If you doubt her, where will our hope lie?" She rubbed Michiru's back lightly and then went to make the popcorn and get the juice.