September 2nd, 2004

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"Can we watch a movie?" Chibi Chibi asked as she sat on the couch

" No No No, i want to play a game" ChibiUsa said " do you want to play with me Hotaru?" she ask then she forgot about the game and ask Setsuna " can we stay here i like it here, and Usagi scares me because she doesn't even want us around." Chibi Usa said

" Your Wrong She does care" Chibi Chibi said starting to cry.

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"Of course Usagi cares!" she said "She's just still learning her abilities as a sailor senshi could you imagine what she would be like if she found out she had children!? She's not ready yet, and you are welcome to stay as long as you wish" she smiled.

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"She will find out in time , and Im sure she'll give you lots of hugs!" she smiled "But Im always here if you need one!" she said with a smile.

"Theres a whole bunch of movies in that cabinet over there!" she sadi pointing for Chibi-Usa.

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Haruka opened the door slowly as she looked at Hotaru, Chibi-Usa, Chibi-Chibi, and Setsuna. She then looked to Michiru. Since they had left Haruka had detransformed along the way home but far out enough that the other senshi could not see her do so. She looked around a few times and showed her confusion on her face in a very out of character design, "Setsuna, has this place become a boarding house or something?" she asked.

"Now Michi, please consider the possibilty or fighting with her. I think we have made our cold entrace but I am really starting to see her as the princess. She fits the description, though I will admit she isn't graceful but maybe that was just a side effect from losing her memory. She has all the clues and all the people, she just is," Haruka said solemnly as she sat down on a kitchen chair and stared out the window as a breeze blew by. "I just don't want to search anymore and feel like I'm trying to search for the wind. The princess we knew is gone. She was a memory of a dark time. This princess is the prelude to a new time."

Rei unlocked from Mamoru's kiss as she stared at him and looked down. "I shouldn't of doubted you, Mamoru. Hey we shouldn't let Usagi and Seiya have all the fun. Why don't we go out and have a little our time. It'll take care of the nerves. Why don't we go out to eat and then try that new ride at the park, huh?" she said sounding a little excited. "I bet Yuuchirou will cover for me is I ask kindly," she said as she grabbed Mamoru's hand and then ran around the room grabbing paper and a pen to write Yuuchirou a note begging him to watch the temple while she is out. She placed it in the center of the table as she dragged Mamoru out the door, "Will this one be your treat," she asked him smiling. "Thanks for doing this, even though I'm sort of forcing you. It's just all of this is so, sudden. Sure I knew I had a sixth sense, but I can control fire. And I'm here only to protect people. Next thing I'm going to be told is that my friends and are are aliens, but that's impossible... isn't it Mamoru-kun?" she asked.