September 1st, 2004


Demando sat in his throne a crystal glass of port held losely in his hand. His fingers curled around the base of the glass, them crtsyalline stem between his middle and first fingers. A vacent smile was curved lazily at his lips as he thought of the beautiful Sailor Moon.

He'd do anything to have that beauty in his life, as his wife and princess. A smirk curled at his lips as he thought up a plan. With a low chuckle he summoned Esmeraude to his throne.
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Esmeraude heard that she was summoned to Demando. She smiled and a faintly blush appeared on her face. She opened the fan and covered her face as she appeared before him, bowing. The blush faded as quick as it appeared. She closed her fan and placed on arm across her front and bowed her head once more. "You called, Prince," she started pausing for a moment as she looked at him, "Demando?"

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Demando casually swirled the deep burgendy port in the glass, eyes moving over to where Esmeraude stood. "Yes, I did call." He muttered softly, eyes lowering to the liquor slowly twirling in the crystal.

"I want you to kidnap Sailor Moon for me." His smirk widened as he thought of the fair haired beauty, her beautiful blue eyes. "I need a princess and she would make an excellent one for me, don't you think?"