August 25th, 2004


Hotaru took setsuna's hand and followed her out the door.

"Setsuna-mama are we going home now i'm starting to get hungry from all the exercise from earlier" Hotaru said.

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Chibiusa slowly stood up " hey wait for me Setsuna" she said running to the door " i wanna come with you" she yelled runing to them.

ChibiChibi walked over the Seyia and gave him a hug then ran out the temple door to follow Setsuna and Chibiusa " Diana are you coming? ChibiChibi asked
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"of course I'm comming", I said to Chibi Chibi as I grabbed her skirt with my little fingers so I could catch up and run besides her.

I am not used to human legs so I wabble at times