August 22nd, 2004


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Neptune shook her head at Rei
"I don't know" She said in disgust, "Now, I believe we've gotten our point across, lets go" She held out her hand to Haruka and gently pulled her out of the temple.
rubbing her temples she turned to Haruka,
"Oh god" She groaned "Its going to be terrible with her and her little pals as the inner senshi, how will we survive?"

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Setsuna arose from her spot and started to the door.

"WE'll be watching" she said following Haruka and Michiru out the door.

Usagi looked at Seiya "Are you leaving too?" she asked

Taiki took Ami's hand. "Would you like to go to a movie?" he asked "There is a documentary playing" he suggested.
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OOC: Hello, I'm new here and its late so please for give any errors in this. I was wondering if I could play Jupiter and Esmeraude. ^_^ Just let me know yay or nay on it. However, If it is a yay, my niece is visiting so I may wont be able to post until monday night.