August 21st, 2004

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"Well that makes me a little happier to know I don't have to wait on her hand and... wait did you say be ready to sacrifice ourselves for her?" Rei asked Neptune.

"Yes, as the senshi you must do everything within your power to protect her. That includes sacrifice. You may not know this but she have aready sacrificed yourselves once. A long time ago," Uranus said as she rubbed her hands. "But we can save that for another day. Like Pluto, Neptune and I do have lives outside of being a senshi, though being a senshi comes first, and we would like to leave this lovely conversation."

"Wait how long have you known about this?" Rei asked as she squeezed Mamoru's hand. "How long have you known this, Mamoru-kun?" she asked.

"Neptune and I have been searching for the princess outside of you but in a sense we had our eyes set on you. Only because something felt familiar, and by coincidence you also knew him and the starlights," Uranus said pointing to Mamoru. "So we have been watching you."

"But wait so did Seiya, Taiki, Yaten, and Mamoru only date us because we were senshi and they wanted to be there or did they really love us?" Rei said as she turned to face Mamoru.

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Usagi looked at Seiya

"IS that why you were with us Seiya?" she asked "PLease say it isn't true!"

Taiki looked at Ami "It's not true, I love Ami with all my heart and although I did feel the same power from her it is not why I started dating her! And Im sure the others feel the same" he said taking Ami's hand in his own and kissing her lightly on the cheek.