August 17th, 2004


Could everyone please leave a comment and tell me what character you play so I can update the list! Also if you don't plan on being in this RP let me know.

I will give everyone one week to let me know who they play or their characters will become open.

THis RP can't go places unless you people post!!!!!!!

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Usagi smiled as Seiya sttod up to stand next to Taiki and Yaten. She was finally going to find out why they were here as Starlights.


Setsuna smiled as she stood with Chibi-Usa, Chibi CHibi, Hotaru and a human Diana, who she had said she would explain that to the group later.


Taiki stood next to his comrads and waited for Seiya to speak.
sad bart in a corner

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"yes, its me", I said to Usagi when she asked "luna and artermis's diana"

it does feel weird not to have paws anymore...

I sat down next to Chibiusa to hear what everybody needed to say.


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Neptune gave Rei a patronising look,
"No, you do not wait on her hand and foot" She said quietly "You must protect her, save her at all costs, give your life for hers, she is the priority here"
She shot Usagi a filthy look as if it was her fault she was the Moon princess.