August 14th, 2004

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Usagi smiled "I like that idea!" she said picturing Rei ina maids outfit.

"YOu should totally try it out Rei I mean I am the princess after all!" she said smuggly "So Im like the leader! I so totally rock!" she laughed as she hugged Seiya "Seiya where are Yaten and Taiki?" she asked


Minako couldn't help but laugh at Rei and Usagi's teasing. And they called her immature.

She was glad to hear that she wasn't the only one who noticed the absence of the remaining two Starlights. With her trademark grin spreading across her face, the newly-appointed Soldier of Love jumped up from her spot on the floor. "Ne, how about I go look for them? Maybe they're just lost!" She looked down at her blue-haired comrade, whose love was also in question. "Ami-chan, you want to come?"
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"Ok" the girls scream together

ChibiUsa walks up to Setsuna " Setsuna, is Usagi going to ever going to be the woman i know and love? i mean Momma never acts like Usagi does." Chibiusa said to her

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Minako smiled back at Usagi and, assuming Ami didn't wish to join her, started out the door.

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Usagi smiled at Minako.

"Okay you go look for them and I'll stay here with Seiya!" she said as she cuddled up close to him.


Setsuna smiled at the girls.

"Don't worry Im sure Usagi will grow up someday" she laughed as she took their hands and started to walk back towards the temple and ran into Taiki and Yaten.

"Shouldn't you guys be at the temple?" she asked.

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Usagi smiled as Yaten entered followed by Taiki, Setsuna, Hotaru, Chibi-Usa, Chibi Chibi and another small girl.

"Who's that?" asked Usagi

"This is Diana" smiled Setsuna "You now Diana"

"You mean Luna and Artemis's Diana?" asked Usagi confused "But why, how?"

"Don't worry about that right now dear" she smiled "Now that the Starlights are here you can here what they have to say." she smiled.

Taiki looked at Ami and smiled before he spoke.

"Im sure you are all wondering why we are here" he said looking at Seiya and Yaten "And Im sure our leader will be glad to tell you, Seiya" he said.
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Yaten's feet pounded on the pavement as he ran as fast as he could to the temple, his long hair streaming behind him,
I'm so late he thought desperately Its all Seiya's fault!! Why didnt he tell me he was going to the temple!? he said he was going to get doughnuts!!that immature git tricked me!!!
He was extremely annoyed at having to run. yaten never ran. But he knew Minako would be pissed off if he was late. Finally he could see the temple! He slowed down to catch his breath, he wanted to give the immpression he intended to be late because it was the only way to be nowadays.
He strode up to the temple doors smartly and entered the room with a flourish, gaining the attention he requested.
He didnt even bother to say anything, he just walked over to Minako and gave her a kiss on the cheek, then proceeded to sit down next to her in cool silence.
yaten was very pleased, he had gotten the reaction he had hoped for.
He looked around and caught site of Seiya, Yaten's face hardened,
cocky bastard he thought venomously giving him a filthy look.

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(O.C.C i play luna and i'm having to leave alot of my rpgs due to the fact i don't have the time to update as much as i would like, someone else would be much better suited for her i think to. thanks for letting me rpg though)