August 13th, 2004

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"SAILOR KITTY SCRATCH!!!!!!!!!!!", I said with all of my force, swiping my hands like I was going to claw somebody. energy rushed out of my hands and it hit into the open air.

"I DID IT!", I yelled.

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"Very good!" smiled Pluto "Now you should learn how to dehenshin properly."

Pluto closed her eyes and focused as she changed back into her regular form and clothes.

"Now you try, focus on you're original forms" she smiled.

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ChibiChibi-Moon took a deep breath and slowly turned back to for usual self " that was easy where are we going now Setsuna" she ask

Chibi-Moon also took a deep breath but didn't start to change so she thought harder and finally she changed back to ChibiUsa " does this mean Diana has to go back to being a kitten Setsuna or can she stay human?" she asked

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Setsuna smiled.

"Why don't we see hoe the other senshi ((WHO NEED TO POST OR I WILL FIND NEW PLAYERS! are doing?" she said.

"Would you like to go back to Rei's temple? And don't worry Diana can stay a human if she chooses to be" she smiled.

I love you Baby Baby...

Minako heaved a sigh and tucked a stray strand of golden hair behind her ear. Things were so confusing lately...

Focusing her vision, she noticed that Mamoru and Seiya had arrived at the temple now. How had she missed that? She must have been spacing out more than usual.

Where was Yaten? Shouldn't he and Taiki be here by now? She bit her lower lip, beginning to get a little worried, wondering if maybe she should volunteer to go after them.

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Rei returned Mamoru's love and then stopped and gave a stare of annoyance. "What took you so long, Mamoru?" she asked. "We've had to suffer through being scolded by a child and Ms. Cold and Ms. Colder over there," she said pointing to Uranus and Neptune.

She dragged Mamoru back inside and got out two more pillows, placing one next to Usagi and another next to herself as she sat down patting the pillow for Mamoru. "Usagi, Seiya! I think they are about to speak again!" Rei cried out.

"Well since these two have appeared I guess we need to resay the introduction. I am Sailor Uranus one of the outer senshi. Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn are also Outer senshi. You are the inner senshi. The inner senshi and outer senshi's missions are to protect the princess and aid the princess when she needs help," Uranus said.

"Wait so we are suppose to wait on her hand and foot?" Rei asked annoyed at the image she was playing in her head. She could see herself dressed in her senshi mini skirt waxing and sweeping floors for a 'princess'.