August 10th, 2004

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"I don't know where Mamoru is. Usually he is here on time. Do you think he would break up with me because of this?" Rei said starting to get worried.

"I don't think so," Uranus said. "Though I wouldn't know personally."

"Maybe we should go search for him and the other guys," Rei said as she stood up and opened the door. She walked out and looked around for a second and then spotted the black hair. She knew it. "Mamoru!!! Hurry up!!! Wait where's Seiya, and Taiki and Yaten?" she asked looking at him.

(OOC: Sorry about the disappearence...)

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Seiya waved good bye to Setsuna and Chibi Usa with a smile across his face and headed up the stairs of Rei's temple. He hoped not much had happened without him and he had no idea where Yaten or Taiki were but where ever they were, he knew they would join him.

As Seiya approached the steps he noticed Mamoru and Rei embracing each other. He slowly walked past them, hoping they wouldn't notice him. The last thing he wanted was to interrupt their moment together. At the moment, Seiya wanted to embrace Usagi as much as Mamoru had to Rei.

As he entered the room, he greeted everyone hoping he had not caused a disturbance.

"Well everyone, I'm here, and Mamoru's outside so...what's going on?" Seiya asked.
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"Pluto what can i do?" asked ChibiChibi-Moon standing there she then added "i'm so cute in this."

"Saturn, can you show me what to do?" asked Chibi-Moon she looked at her best friend with scared eyes "if that is ok with you Pluto?" she ask

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"SEIYA!" screamed Usagi as she ran over to hug him "Im glad you are here!" she said as she nuzzled his chest. "Everything has just been so confusing!"


Setsuna smiled at the girls "Hotaru can help you if she wants to" she smiled. "Know I will tell you the name of your attacks, Sailor Chibi-Moon you can throw your tiara as a weapon, just take it between your thumb and for finger and say, Moon Tiara Action. As for Sailor Chibi Chibi, you use your wand I gave you and say Pink Sugar Heart Attack. And Diana you haves Sailor Kitty Scratch"