August 8th, 2004

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"Of course you can" said Setsuna to Hotaru asthey reached the field.

"Okay girls" she said to CHibi-USa, CHibi Chibi and Diana "Oh Diana here is your henshin stick" she said smiling. "First we need to make you a human!" SHe took out her staff and waved it over Diana as the kitten began to glow and turned into a human.

"First thing you have to do is transform. Chibi-Usa you say Moon Crystal Power Make UP, Chibi-Chibi you say Moon PRisim Power Make Up and Diana you say Kitty Star Power Make Up!"

She smiled "Then we shall begin"

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Tuxedo mask walked toward Rei's temple. He was almost there when he decided to turn around and take a walk for a while. "What is going on?" He thought out loud. "Are we endanger?" He looked back toward the temple and could see the shadows off the others. He dropped to his knees and hit the ground.
"WHAT IS GOING ON?" He yelled. It was all too much...

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Chibi-Chibi looked at Setsuna "ok i'll try" she then yelled " Moon Prism Power Make Up" and gracefully Transformed into ChibiChibi-Moon. "this is so cool, come on Chibi-Usa try it" she added.

Chibi-Usa looked at her sister it was her turn she was scared " Diana you go first" she said with a smile on her face for her friend. she tried not to look at Setsuna knowing that Setsuna would see the fear.