August 7th, 2004

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Chibi-Usa wanted to yell at them all for them getting Saturn mad she knew what Saturn could do if she was mad enough. she try to get closer to the window. but as she moved closer she trip and fell on a rock "OUCH" she scream. " oh no please let no one hear that" she said to Diana.


Chibi-Chibi want to go into the temple and hug for mother she was starting to miss her and it was killing her inside " i don't care anymore i'm going in there." Chibi-Chibi walked to the door and walked in the room " hi everyone" she said really loud.

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Neptune had gone very white during Uranus's speech and was staring rigidly into space. But her hand crept out and grabbed Uranus's. She cleared her throat,
"I hope you don't expect me to apologise for my rudeness, because I won't. But I will agree to protect you inners" She couldnt bring herself to say and fight beside you so instead she said "And I am willing to accept this bra- uh, Usagi as the Moon Princess"

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"Chibi-Chibi?" said Usagi "Oh crap! Did I leave you guys there yesterday? Im so sorry! Mom's gunna kill me!" she said smacking her head.

"It's alright they were with me" said Setsuna

"What about Chibi-Usa?" cried Usagi

"She's just outside the door" said Setsuna not even looking up.

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After a while hotaru got up and headed back inside saying nothing to noone and went and stood beside Setsuna letting setsuna know she was standing next to her and remained silent though because she was still pretty tiffed at certain people.

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"Well I don't have time to wait for the Starlights or Tuxedo Kamen all day I have things to do, and Im sure I already know what they are going to say. I will bid you all good day and Im sure Luna will help you with your training." Setsuna said standing up.

"Chibi-USa, Chibi-Chibi, Diana its time" she said "Will you be coming too Hotaru Im sure the girls would love to have you along as well" she said smiling.

"Neptune, Uranus please try not to be to harsh with them, I will see you both at home later" bowing Setsuna left the temple towards a local field.

Heading to the Temple

Seiya left the apartment alone heading to the temple, he wanted to talk to Usagi as soon as possible. Alot was on his mind and he wanted to make sure everything was clear.

As he headed to the temple he spotted Setsuna and hurried to her.

"Hello, Setsuna." Seiya greeted.

He noticed an unhappy look on her face.

"Is everything alright Setsuna?" Seiya asked.
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Chibi-Usa was shocked that Setsuna knew she was there " Yup i'm here" she said steping in the door

"is it time" Chibi-Chibi ask Setsuna

Chibi-Usa just stood there looking at Usagi and then out of nowhere she started to cry.

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Setsuna noticed Seiya.

"They are waiting for you" she said "I have already made my peace and I am off to do some work with the little ones" she smiled "I don't know about you but I believe they can be great senshi eventually."

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"Chibi-Usa what is wrong?" asked Usagi "Why are you crying? Why don't you go with Setsuna Im sure she has things for you to play with" said Usagi smiling before turning back to the others.

"Hey Rei where is Mamoru anyways speaking of which where is my Seyia?"

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" Yes Mo----Usagi" she caught herself before finishing then she ran out the door still crying.

" Setsuna i want to go home please take me home" she begged

Chibi-Chibi just walk up slowly with no words she felt the same way her older sister did

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" ok Setsuna" she said then she looked at Seiya " Hi my name is Chibi-Usa and this is my sister Chibi-Chibi pointing at Chibi-Chibi, its nice to meet you sir" she said to Seyia

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"Chibi-Usa you can't you know that" she said "You can never help your mother that way or your father" said Setsuna smiling as she turned to look back at Seiya. "Im sure you can be strong can't you?" she smiled "Come now we can begin your training and you can be a powerful warrior just like your mother and father"

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"I hope you will allie with us for the sake of the children" said Setsuna "All will be revieled when the time is right" she said to Seiya who looked very confused.

"Shall we go girls? There is an empty feild up ahead where we can do our thing" she winked

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Both girls nodded their heads as they started to walk to the field

Chibi-Chibi was so happy she could wait
Chibi-Usa was happy but she wished Usagi knew about her and her sister. " soon" she thought