August 6th, 2004

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Chibi-Chibi took the small stick with a heart on the end and the broach look at it in confusion "whats this do?" she asked she looked at Chibi-Usa and the others

Chibi-Usa took the crescent moon wand and the broach " you may Grandma Serenity used this." " i can't wait to try this out" she said with a giggle.

Chibi-Chibi asks "what Senshi am i called and who is Chibi-Usa Senshi called too" Chibi-Chibi was getting upset why can she say things in a way that people can understand her after realizing that the question didn't come out right.

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Setsuna smiled as she picked up Chibi Chibi and sat her on the couch next to her.

"You are Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon, and Chibi-Usa is Sailor Chibi Moon, Im sure you will be able to learn your powers quick and easily" she said with a smile. "IO have faith in you both, and in Diana, where is Diana I need to give her, her henshin stick as well?"

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Usagi, Rei, Minako, Makoto, and Ami sat around a table full of tea and cookies at Rei's temple in their pajamas.

"That was so weird" said Usagi "I mean what was up with that?" she asked the other girls "I mean do you really believe this whole senshi buisness?"

Meanwhile Seiya, Yaten, Taiki and Mamoru decided to have a chat amongst themselves at the Three Lights apartment.

Seiya sighed "My Odango is going to have a hard time mastering her powers" he sighed again "But I will help her, I wonder what she is going to say to me at the meeting tomorrow" he thought of how she saw him change from a guy into a girl as Sailor Star Fighter. "Hope you guys are prepared for that!"

MEANWHILE Haruka and Michiru were having an argument about if Usagi really was the Moon Princess or not, after putting Hotaru in the middle she ran home to be with Setsuna, Chibi-USa, Chibi Chibi and Diana who were being given their transformation items to be taught how to be a sailor senshi the following day after the meeting.

Luna and Artemis are outside of Rei's temple shaking their heads at the sorry state of the senshi.


Usagi, Rei, Minako, Makoto and Ami straightened up the temple and brought out some fresh tea and cookies, they new everyone else would be there soon. Usagi sighed "This should be interesting" she said to the other girls as they sat and waited for evryone to arrive.

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" i think she is still in your room" Chibi-Chibi said

Chibi-Usa still quiet she was deep in thought  " where is momma is she ok, and what about papa is he with her." looking at Hotaru and thinking some more " and does she remenber me and our friendship that we have" she sat on the couch " so when is Neptune and Uranus coming home?" she asked breaking her silence.

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After answering all of Chibi-Usa and Chibi Chibi's questions she put them to bed and fell asleep herself. When she woke up she wondered if Haruka and Michiru made it home that night, she looked in their rooms but did not find them, "They are responsable adults and know how to take careof themselves" she reassured.

She walked into the kitchen to make herself some tea before sitting down on the couch to relax in the peace of the morning before she was to head off to the senshi meeting.

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"I think it is," Uranus said. "We did take a stab at which one it was. That feeling though. It feels familar. It feels like the planets are near us. We must be near them. And this is the only temple right here," Uranus said as she continued walking.

She grabbed Neptune's hand and gave it a small squeeze, "Please Michiru, don't get angry at them. If you must then leave and wait for me. Hopefully they won't have too many stupid remarks and questions to ask us," she said. She stood in front of the temple. "How should we get their attention?"


"That's good that we're fast cleaners. We might of been caught sleeping instead of discussing by those other senshi," Rei said as she flipped through a magazine while waiting. "They were so cold and everything to us. How rude! They could of been a little nicer to us. They treated us like rookies. Well I mean we are new at this but still, it is a little strange. They acted like we should be pros at this!" Rei cried out.

She stopped and looked towards her door. "Something is here," she said as she stood up and opened the door slowly cracking it open. "They're here! And they're still transformed! Do they still not trust us or something? Okay let's act all serious and stuff," Rei said as she directed the last comment to Usagi and Minako.

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Setsuna walked up behind Uranus and Neptune.

"You came" she said "as senshi I see" she said "Do you still not believe in Usagi?" she asked

* * * * * * * * * *

"Maybe we should transform too!" cried Usagi "What do you think would we look more serious that way?" She pulled out her broach and stared at it "Weird little thing ain't it?"

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Neptune walked up to the temple with uranus, She had demanded that they transform, not wanting the others to know their true identities. Not yet.
"Thats the temple isnt it?" She asked as they approached the beautiful building.

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"I do believe we are waiting for the starlights and tuxedo kamen" said Setsuna as she walked inside and sat down.

"Setsuna, Im glad you came"

"Of course I believe in you princess" she said "Hotaru you can come in" she said as Hotaru walked in as well.

"Maybe we can all just have a friendly chat while we wait for the others?" suggested Usagi

Setsuna looked at Uranus and Neptune "I think that would be nice Don't you?"

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Rei glared at Neptune and Uranus.

Uranus sat down in a nonformal way and looked at Usagi and the others. "I'm okay wtih talking. But let's get a few things straight. First, I know I still don't see you as full senshi. I personally see you as crazy fanatic school girls. Second, just because we are all senshi, doesn't mean we automatically become best friends. We are only comrades and at most allied fighters," she said coldly.

All Rei could say from screaming and attacking Uranus was a very annoyed, "Would you like some tea?..."

"No thank you," Uranus replied at least being a little polite.

"Anyone else?" Rei asked putting on a smile.
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I followed Chibiusa, Sailor Pluto, and Chibi chibi to the meeting. I had to run while the others walk cause they are much more bigger than me.

I fell down once because of my short legs and pudgy paws.

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luna looked at the girls at the outer senshi thinking to herself how are they ever going to work together? "Yes," luna said, "Minako is right, we mus discuss the events of today."

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Hotaru stood beside setsuna watching the bickering going on back and forth and finally she couldn't take it and smashed her tea cup on the floor snapping.

"Will you all just grow up and stop acting like babies" Hotaru yelled.

Glaring at the inners and then at uranus and neptune being as hotaru was sailor saturn she was not one person you'd want to piss off.

"Yes Usagi and the others need help and yes Usagi doesn't act like the princess she is surpose to be but I think that it's just because the princess hasn't awakened inside her yet. Setsuna-Mama and me are the only 2 senshi here who seem to be acting our ages and i'm sick of this bickering." Hotaru yelled.

Looking at michiru.

"You asked me earlier who's side i was gonna choose well I have made my choice and I choose Setsuna-Mama's side" Hotaru said.

Storming out the door and sits on the steps outside the emple.
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Neptune gave a Usagi a patronising look,
"Don't transform" She said lazily "We already know who you are, it won't make you look any more proffesional. wetransform to keep our identities hidden"
She gave Uranus a "See what I mean" Look and turned back to the others,
"Is everyone here?" She asked coldly

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Chibi-Usa stop and picked up Diana " Diana please be a little quieter i don't want Setsuna to see us" Chibi-usa said as she moved closer to a window so she could hear.

Chibi-Chibi giggled " Michiru is being mean to them" she said with a another giggle.

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"What has gotten into you lately" said Setsuna "You should be more kind" she said sipping her tea "What kind of influence will you be on the young ones?" she said referring to Chibi-Usa and Chibi-Chibi and Diana "These girls will need your guidance as well"

Kamisama nante inai, dakedo nanika shinjitai! -dances-

"These are the senshi we have to ally ourselves with? God save us"

Minako felt her eyes narrow dangerously at the water senshi's words. Who knew such a graceful woman could be so rude?! She bit her tongue and clenched her fists under the table, trying to keep from losing her temper. Minako never was one to anger easily. She was a very high-energy person, and tended to shout at people for no reason, yes, but she had to be pushed hard to REALLY lose it.

After a few deep breaths, Minako spoke up. "I think we came to discuss something, not jump down each others throats. What happened yesterday, exactly? None of us have a clue," she said, motioning to the other Inners on the last statement. As hard as she tried, she couldn't keep the edge from her voice.
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"Well we are still waiting for the starlights and tuxedo Kamen" said Setsuna casually "Im sure they have a few things to say but I suppose we can start without them and they will catch up"

She cleared her throat.

"A great evil is coming upon us and the outers cannot defeat it alone. We need the help of the Moon Princess and her gaurdians. That is why we have awaken you!" she said "You all need to be trained in your powers if you are ever to become great Sailor Senshi" she said "And Im sure once you have mastered your powers you will be great allies" she looked at Michiru when she said this.

"I know this is all so sudden but the outer senshi cannot do this alone. The evil is getting far to powerful, and far to many for us to always be doing this, you will need to be trained as senshi so you can help protect the earth as well."

She took a deep breath waiting for reactions, comments or questions from all as she sipped her tea.

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Minako sighed and laid her head on her arms, which were crossed on top of the table. What an overwhelming day this was turning out to be. 'First we get dissed by the people we're supposed to be working with,' she thought to herself bitterly, 'then we're told we're supposed to be saving the world, topped off by a lecture from a little (though formidable) girl. Great.'

Yesterday she was content with life. She was doing better than usual (read: C's instead of F's) in school, she had Yaten, whom she loved very much, and she had her friends. But now.... now she wasn't so sure. It was too much at once.

She eventually lifted herself up again, wondering how much of an impact Hotaru's lecture had made one everyone else. 'Although,' she wondered silently, 'I don't see how I was bickering exactly. I was just trying to get back on topic...'
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Uranus sighed and then looked at the others in the room. "Sorry about that. I didn't want to be too rude with what I said. But I was serious about the best friends part. For the time being we are just allied fighters. Everything I said could change," she said smiling. "I hate to make Saturn angry, right Neptune," Uranus said. "WE'RE sorry, right?" she said looking at Michiru and squeezing her hand again signifying to agree with her.

"We've been searching for so long and have seen so many other canidates for princess that we weren't expecting anyone like you guys, no offense. But Pluto's right. There is a great shadow that has even passed us, the outer senshi. We are know as the outers, only because we represent the outer plants, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. While you are the inners, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon. Anyway the outers job is to make sure that nothing hits the inner planets and to exterminate it if it does. The only problem is that this shadow has not only gotten through but is too powerful for the four of us. We'll help you train but I bet most of it will come back to you, somehow," Uranus said.

"That's a lot of information to handle. We were just on some date and then now we need to take care of some shadow with complete strangers?" Rei said as she sat down again after passing out tea.

"What's the shadow or the evil like. And what does it want?" Rei asked again.

"We might want to wait to discuss that information after the rest of our guests appear. Am I right, Pluto?" Uranus asked.

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Neptune looked down disdainfully
"No" She said in a bored tone, not even bothering to be polite.
She leaned back against the wall and studied the girls carefully,
the one who had offered them tea, what was her name? Rei, looked murderous. Other than that, she looked strong and and willful,
'she might have made a good outer' Neptune couldnt help thinking.
The "princess" Looked like a complete ditz, with her stupid hair and the way she was so clumsy, Neptune shook her head in disgust.
The blue haired one looked intelligent,
The other blonde looked even more of a ditz than Usagi.
She couldnt tell anything from the tall one with her hair done up.
Neptune was unimpressed,
"These are the senshi we have to ally ourselves with? God save us" She sneered to Uranus, not even troubling to keep her voice down.