August 4th, 2004

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"Sure Setsuna but can you do me a favor?" Chibi-Usa asked before she walked into the kitchen. " Please don't bring us back to Usagi place i don't feel safe there not til she learns her powers better please"

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"Of course not Chibi-Usa! I am here to protect you as well as Usagi, you are welcome to stay as long as you please" she said with a smile walking into the kitchen with Hotaru.

"Now what would you like to talk about my child?"
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I had agree to all of Chibiusa's and Sailor Pluto's requests and I was still at Chibiusa's heels.

but I was a bit troubled. I'm not up to par with any of them. maybe, maybe, with Chibi Chibi if you push it a little bit, but not with them.

I wish I was at their levels.

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Hotaru followed setsuna into the kitchen and then looked at her.

"Setsuna-Mama I have a problem" Hotaru said.

"Haruka-Papa and Michiru-Mama where fighting on the way home because of the way the fight went with Usagi and the other senshi" Hotaru said.

"Michiru-Mama doesn't beleive Usagi is Our Princess and wants to keep looking for the real princess and doesn't want to help Usagi and the others but Haruka-Papa thinks that we should help them anyways just so they don't get her then Michi-Mama put me in the middle by asking me to choose betwen her and haruka-papa and i told michi-mama that i needed time to think and ran off" Hotaru explained.

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Hotaru throught for a moment then looked at her mom.

"Well she looks just like the moon princess but she doesn't act like her" Hotaru said.

"Princess Serenity from what i remember was graceful and not to clumsy but this girl seems to trip over her own 2 feet and her eating manners are abit un princess like but then again I think she could be our princess" Hotaru said.

"I think the princess was reborn inside usagi but she hasn't awoken up yet and that's why Usagi acts the way she does" Hotaru said.

Looking at setsuna.

"Is that the case Setsuna-mama" Hotaru asked?

"What do you think of her Setsuna-Mama" Hotaru asked?

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"Do not think about choosing sides, tell me Hotaru what do you think about Usagi?" she asked "and tell me what you feel in your heart, do not even think about Haruka-papa or Michiru-mama, tell me what you feel!"

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"I think you are a very smart little girl" she said smiling "Don't you worry the Princess will appear when the time is right. WHy don't we go back and see Chibi-Usa" she smiled "If of course you are finished"


Sailor Venus' eyes lit up. "Slumber party!" Even if it was to discuss today's events, the group hadn't had a slumber party in quite a long time. Lost in happiness, she found herself being encased in a golden light for a split second. It happened so fast, if one were to blink they would miss it. When the light evaporated, she was no longer in her "R-rated slasher flick" outfit, as Usagi had so kindly put it, but she found herself in the skirt and top she was wearing before the battle.

A feeling of being incomplete washed over Minako, something she never really experienced until now. When she was a Senshi, felt stronger, more sure... and now that feeling was gone. It felt odd.

She looked to Rei-chan, a sweatdrop forming on her head. "Well, um... I guess you... go back to being yourself... like... that?" she muttered, scratching her neck. She had no idea how it had happened and yet... there she was. Perfectly normal.
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Usagi smiled "So lets go have some fun tonight, and tomorrow I know we will learn more, but for tonight we can all talk I mean Im so wired up now!" she said bouncily "Lets get going to Rei's!" she shouted cheerfully.

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"I'm trying but it just won't work!" Rei cried out. "Maybe I need to calm down," she said as she closed her eyes. She felt like she was moving away from a flame. She got this feeling of cooling down as red flames licked at her. Then they were gone. She opened her eyes and noticed that she was wearing her red mini skirt and black sleeveless sweater top. "It worked. Though I wish your cat, Usagi, would tell us an easier way to do that," she said.

"Anyway should we head towards my place. And bring your guys or your girls or what ever they are now. I hope you guys brought money because we will be stopping to pick up snacks. Oh and where did Mamoru go? Mamoru-kun?!" she cried out looking around.