August 3rd, 2004

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"Don't be too late or you will worry us okay Hotaru," Uranus said smiling as the girl ran off.

Haruka detransformed as she took Michiru's hands away. No matter how much she liked the warmth she was a little annoyed and troubled. "Michiru..." she said seriously.

"Michiru, no matter what I say, I can't change your mind can I," Haruka said. "She is the closest we have found to being at all near the princess. I still think we need to watch and stick near them to find the princess. Somehow those girls will lead us to her. We can still search for her on our own but I want to follow them. We don't have to help or transform or anything but lets us just follow them. I will go to their meeting tomorrow though, whether you will be there or not is up to you," she said as she began to walk away towards where she had parked her own car.


"Sure a sleepover sounds nice," Rei said before just remembering what she was talking about. "Usagi!!! You're going off the subject!!! How did you do that!" she said pointing at Usagi. "How did you turn back to... well... you!!!" she shouted out.

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"Setsuna what do we tell the other outer senshi?" Chibi-Usa, she was very smart for her age.

"i think we should tell them, Hotaru will find out i am she was so close in asking in the park" Chibi-Usa.

Chibi-Chibi walked listening to her sister she felt safe with Setsuna, more than she did with her mother past self, "instead of ice cream can you take us home to your place i'm tired" Chibi-Chibi asked.

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Michiru listened to Haruka. Finally she nodded,
"Yeah you're right" She gave a wry smile "We'll go to the meeting, and hopefully this brat will lead us to the real moon princess. And if she is the moon princess" She added "The Universe is doomed"

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"Of course we can go home, don't worry about the other outer senshi they will understand, you are all very mature for your age, you even seem to be more matur than Usagi, she is also just getting her powers but I will make sure to train you three the proper way!"

Setsun guided them to the outers house and walked inside "The others should be home soon" she said "If you are tired you may use my room down the hall, I need to wait for the outers and talk with them when they arrive" said Setsuna
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Chibi-Chibi headed for Setsuna room to lay down. Chibi-Usa decided to stay with Pluto and talk but she had on idea what to say to her old friend. " so why aren't you protect the gates of time?" she ask trying to start a conversation.

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"Chronos, the gaurdian of time told me I was needed in this century so I came, my job is to train you, Chibi Chibi and Diana as sailor senshi, not only for this century but in case you need it in the future as well! Also I need to watch over the Princess, she is still just getting her powers and she will need all the help she can get. Im sure the other outers will help as well once they trust in her as I do." she sighed placing a hand on Chibi-Usa's head "You aare very matur for your age Small LAdy I think you will make a fine SAilor Senshi"

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Hotaru walked home and once at the door and opened it walking into her home and saw setsuna with chibiusa.

"Hi Setsuna-Mama Haruka-Papa and Michiru-Mama are comming but they are fighting with each other right now" Hotaru said with a sigh.

"Setsuna-Mama can I talk to you alone in the other room for a minute" Hotaru asked?