August 1st, 2004

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Chibi-Chibi jumped up and huged Chibi-Usa "ice Cream Ice Cream can we can we? " Sure" Chibi-Usa said starting to walk with her sister and Setsuna .
Chibi-Usa tells Setsuna that she came back to find the legendary Sailor Senshi to get the silver crystal to protect herself and her mom from the evil Beryl and Dimande. Chibi-Chibi followed me and so did Diana. and the wrost part is that Dimande is maddly in love with my mom and my father is trying to protect her as we speak. She tells Setsuna all this.

and we ran away before because i didn't want Sailor Saturn to ask us in front of Sailor Moon.


Saturn was watching the whole thing and listening to everyone then she heard Uranus speak to her and she snapped out of it.

"Hai i'm comming" Saturn said.

Running to catch up with her aoptive parents and walked beside uranus once they where far a enough away from the other saturn looked at uranus.

"Haruka-Papa what do you think of usagi" Saturn asked?

"Michiru-Mama doesn't think Usagi could be the princess that we have been looking for as for me I don't know what to think" Saturn said.

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Uranus looked at Eternal Sailor Moon and then back to Pluto. "I'll be there, I don't know how much I'll like doing a round table discussion with the airheads but maybe they're more normal than they are acting right now," she said sarcastically as she grabbed Neptune's hand. "You'll be there too, whether you want to be there or not. You just need to calm down, take a dip in the pool when this is over and calm down," she whispered into Neptune's ear.

"Sailor Moon! We'll tell you all that we can tomorrow. Please don't be late. And please be ready to hear unbelievable things without acting weird and making up strange reasons for their appearence," Uranus said as she began to walk away. "Let's go, Neptune. Are you coming with us, Saturn?" she asked.


Rei crossed her arms. "Tomorrow it is then. Acting weird?! We weren't acting weird!" she then looked at Minako. "Okay most of us weren't acting weird! They think that because they know what's going on that they are so perfect," she said annoyed. "Since the monster is gone and we're meeting tomorrow, how do we go back to how we used to look?" she said "I don't think Grandpa would recognise me like this. Plus everyone who would see us."

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After changing back into her normal self she looket at her friends Rei, Mina, Mako, Ami.

"Hey guys! I have an idea! Why don't the 5 of us have a sleepover at Rei's temple!" she said excitedly "Then for sure I won't be late to the meeting!!! And we can also talk amongst ourselves before the others get there"

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Setsuna took the girls to the Ice Cream shop and bought them some Ice Cream.

"Well we are in quiet the trouble aren't we" she said sighing "But I do not think the senshi are ready for this yet, you will both have to help and Diana" she bent down to the kitten "We will need your help as well"

"I will take you three under my wing and train you in the ways of senshi, if you are willing to except that responsability that is. The responsabilitie of a Sailor Senshi. Do you three think you could handle that?" she asked
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"a sailor senshi..."

I always wanted to be like Chibiusa. And now, I could become more like her!

"Yes... I want to become a sailor senshi..." I said. I'm a bit worried. I have no clue what its like I said to myself. But now I can really help Chibiusa, instead of always tagging along...

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Setsuna smiled at Diana

"Im glad you are willing to take on this responsablility, I also welcome you all to stay with me if you wish, tomorrow I will be going to the meeting with the other senshi and then we can begin our training." she said with a smile. "Shall we go back to my place for the night? Or would you like me to walk you to Usagi's?"

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Chibi-Chibi looked at Setsuna and ask nicely "but what Senshi am i?"

Chibi-Usa looked at Setsuna " you mean be a real Senshi like Momma?"

Chibi-Chibi and Chibi-Usa looked at eachother and then back at Setsuna " we would like to stay with you and the other outer senshi we would feel safer, if it is ok with Diana of course" added Chibi-Usa looking at Diana

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"Do not be afraid, yes you can all be real sailor senshi just like me and Sailor Moon and everyone else!" she smiled as she placed a hand on Chibi Chibi's head. "You have special powers within you all, and I will take it on myself to train you the best and quickest way possible you will all be needed in this fight for good!" she said smiling. "I will give you all the training you need tomorrow after the meeting. Shall we?" she asked holding out her hands for the two girls to take. "Diana?" she asked "You will come as well I hope"