July 31st, 2004

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Sailor Pluto watched from the distance as everything happened and finally she came down.

"I will meet you at Rei's temple tomorrow to explain everything Usagi" she said with courage before looking to her commrads "I hope you three will be there too!" she turned and started to walk away leaving the senshi behind.

Sailor Pluto continued to walk towards a strong familiar light. She stopped in front of Chibi-Usa, Chibi Chibi and Diana.

"Well Well what do we have here?" she asked looking down at the little girls "Isn't it past your bed time?"

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Chibi-Usa look at Diana " i don't know, u'm scared" then she looked at Chibi-Chibi and saw her little sister crying she hugged her " it will be ok i promise"

then she heard a familar voice talking she looked up " Sailor Pluto" she scream "can you bring us home" she asked glad to see the senshi

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Sailor Pluto knelt down next to the girls.

"Why don;t you tell me why you are here in the first place?" she asked "but lets get some nice warm hot chocolate" she detransformed back into her regular clothes as Setsuna.

"Come on let's go" she said leading them towards the path to her house, we can talk on the way."

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Usagi looked around at the group of senshi very confused.

"Michiru, Haruka, Hotaru? You will come tomorrow at Rei's to help explain some of this please?" she asked before looking to her fellow friends "We all want to know what is going on!"