July 28th, 2004

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"STARLIGHT HONEYMOON THERAPY KISS!" shouted Eternal Sailor Moon vanquishing he monster and returning the girl back to normal. She looked around at all the senshi.

"I think we should all meet at Rei's temple to talk" she said "Cause I am so confused!"

she looked around at the senshi and some familiar thoughts came back. Sailor Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, the inner senshi, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Pluto, the outersenshi, Star fighter Star Maker, Star Healer the starlights. But who was this dude in the cape and Chibi-Usa and Chibi Chibi and what was the deal wit hthe talking cats.

"So is it agreed then, we ALL meet to talk since we are all friends and some of us seem to know more than the others I think it would be best. She said all leader like.

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Chibi_Usa looks around the park " i think we are lost" she said to Diana as she put her siter down on a bench and then sits down her self she taps her lap so Diana knew that she could jump on her lap. " now Chibi-Chibi you must not telling anyone that you come from the future and that sailor moon is our mother ok?"

Chibi-Chibi looked at her older sister " yup yup i understand" " so how are we going to find our way home?"

" i don't know, i'm starting to get scared i don't know where we are"