July 26th, 2004



"Neptune," Uranus said "Be patient. Sure we're perfect and and stronger but they need to be protected. Do you want to be blamed for not being there when the inners were slaughtered by a low life alien? We need to be on standby just in case. I just bet they will get used to this soon enough,"
Neptune looked at her with some distaste.
"Fine" She replied finally "I will help you protect these brats, but just this once. Understand? After this they are on their own." And she turned back to the inners,
" DEEP SUBMERGE! " She said again.
Turning to Uranus she said rather pointedly
"You could help"

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OOC:This post will probably be lame but im gonna try my best to get the jest of it
IC:Makoto awoke from her slumber she didnt normally fall asleep she opened her eyes to find everyone transformed.
She thought she was dreaming but she knew in her mind it was real she stood up and transformed quickly.

Jupiter Crystal Power! Make Up! she looked over to the monster and quickly attacked Jupiter Oak Evolution!.

She wondered if Chibi Chibi and Chibiusa were safe she stood her ground

OOC:Told ya it would be lame oh well didnt wanna be sitting there picking my nose as Minako says I was doing lol.

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