July 25th, 2004

Saturn walks away.

OOC: can someone tell me saturn's attacks please. IC:
Saturn heard luna yell to them that she was the princess and took another look at moon and shook her head and turned and followed after neptune.

"Neptune luna seems to think Usagi is the princess.. Is it possible that the princess could have been reborn inside that girl but hasn't awoken up yet" Saturn asked?

"I mean from what i remember of the moon princess She and Usagi look totally identical to each other but if you think she's not then I will help you continue to search" Saturn said.

"Maybe we should talk to those 2 little girls and see if they know anything about our princess" Saturn asked?
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"Are we sure she's the moon princess?" She head Saturn say, Neptune was wondering the same thing herself.
Princesses were graceful and polite, this girl was not. She was a clumsy, whiny crybaby.
She shook her head at Saturn
" I don't think she is" She said coldly, "But whoever she is, she's in danger so we need to protect her, she's a senshi like us"
"DEEP SUBMERGE!" She yelled, sending a tidal wave to the attackers,
Although she was helping her Neptune felt a little angry at this new comer. Here she was, THE princess and she was such a disappointment.
Shaking her head in disgust, she turned around and started walking away. She would not protect this brat. This wasnt the moon princess, they would have to continue looking.

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"Okay so big ugly monster, I have wings, talking cat and we look like we belong in an R rated slasher flick or something. Besides that Im fine except Im freaking out!"

Usagi looked back towards the outer senshi.

"What do we do?" she cried before looking back at her friends. "We must have some sort of attacks but my brain is on meltdown and I can't think of anything? I can't fight physically!!!!" she whined.
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Chibi-Usa still standing in front of Chibi-Chibi to protect her, heard Saturn say "maybe those to girls know something about her" Chibi-Usa pick up Chibi-Chibi and started to ran away she wasn't suposed to tell anyone but Pluto why they were there. " Come on Diana we must leave now"

"Sister why are we running away?" Chibi-Chibi ask

"because that girl was going to ask me about mom, lets go quickly" Chibi-Usa yells while she is running.

Omg liek I have powers!1111?1

Sailor Venus bit her lower lip. Her shaken mind tried desperately to focus, but it was a little hard with Usagi whining next to her. Trying to block out her leader's rantings, she closed her eyes and mentally felt down in her soul. There was no way that the others could finish this creature alone. They had to help.

Feeling a warm golden glow resonating from her heart, she prodded deeper into it until she felt it become words on her tongue. Raising her arms, she let the words out with a scream,


The ball of golden energy flew swiftly toward the monster, striking it in the side. Venus blinked in shock. How had she done that?

(And that was me trying to be serious xD It didn't work out that well...)
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"There is no way that those wings are better. They are too tacky looking. And how are you suppose to help fight with them," Rei said annoyed.

"And what is up with the new names? Mars, Moon? Why are you guys calling me Mars? My name is Rei? Isn't it?" she asked. "Now I'm forgetting who I am. I don't know anymore," she said starting to sound depressed.

"Just before we were about to go on a picnic with out dates. Then we're attacked. Four girls appear in mini skirts, three of the guys became girls, Mamoru disappeared, and your cat began to talk! Now we're in the mini skirts and we're suppose to fight that thing?! How are we suppose to..." she said as she then saw Minako's attack.

"Great, we're suppose to use kisses like Venus, no, I mean Minako just did? This sounds like some shoujo story. Soon we'll become princesses dressed in puffy little dresses waiting for our princes to take us away," she said sarcastically.

'This is still too strange. I'm now Mars? Isn't that some god of war and the name of a planet? THis is still rediculous!' she thought.

"I can't stand this!!! I just wanted to go on a nice relaxing picnic with some friends and my boyfriend, but no! Everything in our lives have to change today! I'm not ready! So leave us alone!" Rei cried out as she felt the fire in her eyes begin to burn. She could feel the flames lick her hands as she pulled back on an arrow made out of fire set on a bow made of fire.

It wasn't hurting her, it was as though she controlled it and that it would contort to her demand and change shape at her willing. The burning flame of war. "MARS FLAME SNIPER!!!" she cried out letting go of the flaming arrow hiting the monster in the arm

She wiped her forehead and gave out a sigh, "I feel a lot better now. That really lets the anger out," she said smiling.