July 24th, 2004

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(This is my 1st time as luna so sorry if i'm not up to par.)

Luna sighed at Usagi and yelled to her and the girls, "The pens, the items I gave you. use them!"

The girls looked at the pens and held them up to their face. Usagi held the broach in her hand.


Saturn stood by her fellow outer senshi and watched usagi and her friends fight the monster and it looked like it wasn't going ood.

"Neptune, Uranus, Pluto should we help them or just stand by and watch them fight" Saturn asked?

"Are we sure she is the moon princess" Saturn said.

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Luna knew the outter shenshi's doubt. She turned back to them and yelled " She is the Princess, She needs to does this herself." Luna looked back at the frightened girls and Usagi and thought to herself Come on Usagi I know you can do this.