July 22nd, 2004

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OOC:I play hotaru but this is my first time playing her so i hope i do ok IC: Saturn turned and saw chibiusa and chibi chibi being chased and that the monster was gaining on them and pointed it out to the other outers.

"Uranus,Neptune,Pluto Chibiusa and chibi chibi are in danger" Saturn said.

Racing over to the scene she ran in front of the 2 girls and stood in front of them and held out her glaive.

"Silent wall" Saturn said.

"A sheild came up around the 3 of them protecting the 2 little ones from the monster that was attacking.


sailor neptune watched the two blondes and the girl with the black hair bicker. She shook her head pitifully at sailor moon. THIS was the princess!? What a disaster.
'she's such a klutz' Neptune thought sadly, 'and her friends arnt exactly much better' she eyed venus going on about aliens,
'At least the dark haired one appears to have some sense' she reasoned.
"So these are the new senshi, eh," She said aloud to sailor Uranus, "Looks like they'll be more bother than help"
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