July 21st, 2004

Shall we get things started?

((OOC - Going to do a general post with everyone's characters to start us off, we still need more players if anyone knows anyone who wants to join send them over here!))

Usagi ran to meet her friends Rei, Ami, and Minako at the cafe. She was late as usual. She ran in followed by two curious little girls and a small kitten. She sat down at the table and the two little girls walked over and stared at her.

"What? What is it?" she asked they didn't answer so she turned to her friends.

"Usagi why are those kids following you?" asked Rei

"Who knows?"

The girls continued to gab about school and boys and other everday items then decided that they should go do something fun!

"Let's go play video games!" cried out Minako

"How about we have a study session?" asked Ami

"We could all go have some tea at my temple" suggested Rei

"How about a picninc in the park?" Everyone agreed with Usagi and they all left to get things ready and meet back up at the park.

Usagi ran home and in the door "Mama! Im going on a picnic with the girls!" she shouted.

"That's nice dear, I'll pack you a lunch but bring your sister's with you!" shouted her mom. That brought Usagi to a screeching halt. Sisters? She never had any sisters? She walked into the living room and saw the two girls and their cat from earlier.

"What are you two doing here?" she demanded

"Don't be so mean to your sisters Usagu!" came her mothers voice as she walked into the room carring a large picnic basket.

"Is this some sort of joke? I don't have sisters!"

"Of course you do! Chibi-Usa" she put her hands on the older one's head of light pink hair "And Chibi-Chibi" she placed her other hand on the younger one's head of dark pink hair. "Take them with you!"

Usagi walked to her room and petted her cat Luna "What's going on here Luna?" she asked Luna only mewed.

Usagi met up with the others in the park and explained what had happened at her house.

"How strange" agreeded the girls, just then the girls heard some rustling in the bushes.

"WHO's THERE!" demanded Rei as three guys with long hair came out.

"Seiya!" cried Usagi running over to hug her boyfriend "Hello Yaten, Hello Taiki" she greeted the other members of the band Three Lights. "What a pleasent surprise!"

Taiki walked over to greet Ami while Yaten went to see his girlfriend Minako.

Rei suddenly jumped up and ran down the path, and grabbed hold of Mamoru's arm. All the girls were happy, except Makoto who had still yet to find a boyfriend. The girls and the boys all sat down for the picnic, when another rustling came about.

"Maybe its a boyfriend for Makoto?" teased Minako until they all heard a scream as a girl ran through the bushes chased by an odd floating man. The man held out a crystal and the girl started to transform into a huge hideous monster.

"You girls get away!" yelled Seiya, he looekd to Mamoru "Make sure they are safe!" he yelled as the girls and Mamoru ran off. Making sure no one else was around the guys started to transform.


Meanwhile Mamoru ushered the girls on and making sure they were a safe distance away he ran back towards the fight transforming into the one and only Tuxedo Kamen!

The 5 girls continued to run accidentily leaving Chibi-USa and Chibi-Chibi behind.

Up ahead Usagi saw her cat Luna.

"Luna how did you get out, come her theres a big monster chasing us!" she bent down to pick up the cat as Luna spoke

"I know Usagi!"

"Luna, you can speak?"

"Now is not the time for that" came a voice as Setsuna, Haruka, Michiru and Hotaru jumped down from out of nowhere.

"You are Sailor Senshi that are hear to protect the planet! Just like us!"

"What are you talking about?" These girls had been friends of the others for a long time and Usagi thought they were going nuts!


The four outer senshi transformed

"You know what to do let the words come to you!" cried Luna throwing them all transformation pens and a large broach to Usagi.
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Chibi-Usa looked at Chibi-Chibi " why is everyone running away did i say something?"Chibi-Usa ask. "i don't know sister maybe it's that monster thats coming at for us." said Chibi-Chibi. "What" yelled Chibi-Usa, " Some one HELPPPPPPPPPPP" screamed Chibi-Usa as the monster got closer. Chibi-Usa picked up Chibi-Chibi and started to run away but the monster was right behind her.
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