tiara_fora_halo (tiara_fora_halo) wrote in sm_superstars,

"I'm trying but it just won't work!" Rei cried out. "Maybe I need to calm down," she said as she closed her eyes. She felt like she was moving away from a flame. She got this feeling of cooling down as red flames licked at her. Then they were gone. She opened her eyes and noticed that she was wearing her red mini skirt and black sleeveless sweater top. "It worked. Though I wish your cat, Usagi, would tell us an easier way to do that," she said.

"Anyway should we head towards my place. And bring your guys or your girls or what ever they are now. I hope you guys brought money because we will be stopping to pick up snacks. Oh and where did Mamoru go? Mamoru-kun?!" she cried out looking around.
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