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Sailor Venus' eyes lit up. "Slumber party!" Even if it was to discuss today's events, the group hadn't had a slumber party in quite a long time. Lost in happiness, she found herself being encased in a golden light for a split second. It happened so fast, if one were to blink they would miss it. When the light evaporated, she was no longer in her "R-rated slasher flick" outfit, as Usagi had so kindly put it, but she found herself in the skirt and top she was wearing before the battle.

A feeling of being incomplete washed over Minako, something she never really experienced until now. When she was a Senshi, felt stronger, more sure... and now that feeling was gone. It felt odd.

She looked to Rei-chan, a sweatdrop forming on her head. "Well, um... I guess you... go back to being yourself... like... that?" she muttered, scratching her neck. She had no idea how it had happened and yet... there she was. Perfectly normal.
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