Serenity Tsukino (eternal_usagi) wrote in sm_superstars,
Serenity Tsukino

Hotaru throught for a moment then looked at her mom.

"Well she looks just like the moon princess but she doesn't act like her" Hotaru said.

"Princess Serenity from what i remember was graceful and not to clumsy but this girl seems to trip over her own 2 feet and her eating manners are abit un princess like but then again I think she could be our princess" Hotaru said.

"I think the princess was reborn inside usagi but she hasn't awoken up yet and that's why Usagi acts the way she does" Hotaru said.

Looking at setsuna.

"Is that the case Setsuna-mama" Hotaru asked?

"What do you think of her Setsuna-Mama" Hotaru asked?
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